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Telugu music, books for children. [Mar. 24th, 2010|03:50 pm]
Andhraits of the World and Fans


Is there anyone at this community these days? 

I am expecting a baby in May! I have asked my mom who will be coming to maybe bring some children books in Telugu and Hindi. But then the books she found are more for 2+ year olds if not older - the folk tales we see in panchatantra, etc. Then I thought some nursery rhymes (music CDs) in Telugu and Hindi.... At least the baby hear some different languages. Again my mom has come to an obstacle.

If you are in Bangalore, would you have any suggestions on where she could get some things along this line? I can't sing and yeah YouTube has probably a lot of things... but we don't really want to be plugging up the laptop next to the crib.